Refund & Cancellation Policy

We at Webslogin have designed a reasonable cancellation and refund policy in order to give our clients the highest quality and customer service.

We break down the labour into milestones when planning each project.

Every project starts with thorough investigation, analysis, and the production of a work plan document. This is done to ensure that everyone involved is fully aware of the work that has to be done and to remove any chance of project cancellations, reversals, or disagreements.

It takes time to complete each milestone and each module, so work that has already been done cannot be refunded.

The customer retains ownership of all finished work in the event that a project is cancelled amicably and any payments made for additional work become void. There will be no refund for any advanced payments. Once the client accepts the mock-up designs and the project enters the development phase, no payment will be reimbursed.

In the middle of the project, if you ask for a refund, then it will not be eligible.

Our marketing staff has provided services on special occasions, but refunds are not accepted. Our deals with our clients have a time limit and if it extends, the refund can’t be possible.

Although there are no refunds for digital marketing packages, clients may cancel with a proper 30-day notice. For contracts that are cancelled or left unfinished for longer than 30 days, we are unable to return money or deposits made.